Red Snapper

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How To Catch Destin Florida Red Snapper

Red snapper

Red snapper

The destin florida red snapper is relatively short compared to some bigger Pacific Ocean fish. The longest record length was just 60cm, yet they can reach a weight of up to 50 pounds. They can easily be mistaken as other fish like rockfish or big eye.

Destin Florida Red snapper can live quite a long time.

They reach sexual maturity within the first two to three years of life, yet they can live up to 57 years. The destin florida red snapper has an ear bone called an otolith that grows rings according to the number of years it has lived. Scientists can count the rings on the otolith to calculate their age similar to how a tree’s age is calculated.

Destin Florida red snapper are a delicacy, fished commercially and recreationally. Destin red snapper can be fished off the Gulf in waters 30 to 200 feet deep.

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