Destin Vermillion Snapper

How To Catch Destin Vermillion Snapper

Vermilion snapper

Vermilion snapper

The Destin vermillion snapper, also commonly referred to as a beeliner, is one of Florida’s favorite sportfish.

When it becomes difficult to capture other fish, the destin vermillion snapper is a sure bet. The vermilion snapper is similar in appearance to the red snapper, although smaller. Vermilion snapper are red, pink, and white in color. Their fins are primarily red and they’ve got irregular blue stripes along their sides. Occasionally, they can be found sporting yellow stripes as well.

On average, the destin vermillion snapper grows slowly and weighs less than two pounds but can get up to almost six pounds.

They spawn in early spring. For food, they eat small crustaceans and mollusks. They are usually ‘in season’ all throughout the year. Vermillion snapper can be found swimming around rigs, artificial structures, and reefs alongside their red snapper cousin. The best types of bait that are regularly used to catch destin vermillion snapper are: Crab, shrimp, and squid.

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