Destin Scamp

Learn How To Catch Destin Scamp



Destin scamp are among the least worrisome to conservationists.

These fish are abundant, making it easier for those sport fishers worried about endangered species to have a great time doing what they love when fishing for them. Scamp fish are part of the grouper fish family. They are highly regarded among commercial fishermen for their white meat that has a sweet taste, making it great for sales in the food industry.

Destin Florida scamp live mostly in and around coral formations, but swim inland when the water reaches a temperature below 47 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here in Destin, also known as the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village”, we know how to catch fish and can show you a good time doing so. Come fish our warm, crystal clear waters for destin scamp and many other types of fish with us.

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