Destin Red Grouper

How To Catch Destin Florida Red Grouper

Red grouper

Red grouper

The destin florida red grouper fish is a most interesting fish.

It begins its life as a female and somewhere between the ages of seven and fourteen it changes into a male. This makes the destin red grouper a protogynous hermaphrodite. Thered groupers spawn between the months of January and June. The highest rate of spawning occurs in May.

The destin florida red grouper prowls the coral reefs for its food.

It does not really care what it eats so long as it eats. Its diet varies from smaller fish, mostly lutjanid or sparid fish, to spiny lobster, portunid crabs and some snapping shrimp.

The groupers habitat is as varied or even more so than its diet. It lives in the open seas, shallow or not, coral reefs, gulfs, saline lagoons and even some freshwater lagoons. The Destin Florida red grouper is a popular fish targeted in sports fishing.

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