Destin Lesser Amberjack

Catch Destin Lesser Amberjack Aboard The Charter Boat Pescador III

Lesser amberjack

Lesser amberjack

Fishing for Destin Florida lesser amberjack can be great fun as these fish really do bounce about and pull when they are hooked.

Destin florida lesser amberjack often less than 12lbs in weight even a small 5lbs fish will test your skill on light tackle.

There are different types of destin lesser amberjack, the greater amberjack being up to 45lbs in weight while the second smallest of the jacks is the banded rudderfish which can also be caught off Destin.

All destin florida lesser amberjack are vicious predators which feed on crustaceans, smaller fish and squid. Young fish can be caught in very shallow water, no more than twenty five feet deep.

Amberjack have been described as the charter captain’s friend because they will often be feeding on those days when no other fish are. They are frequently found over wrecks or reefs and will follow a bait down all the way to the bottom.

On a reef, which is usually covering quite a large area, a school of destin lesser amberjack will cruise over the whole area. When one is hooked, it is quite often the case that two or three more will be hooked at the same time which can cause a lot of fun on a charter boat.

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