Destin Grey TriggerFish

Learn More About Destin Grey Triggerfish

The grey triggerfish is famous for stealing the bait off the line. However, Mike Whitley can teach you how to catch this tricky fish.

Gray triggerfish

Gray triggerfish

Destin grey triggerfish are small in comparison to other fish that inhabit these south coast waters.

They weigh in at an approximate weight of five pounds, give or take few ounces. This fish proves that you can’t judge a fish by its cover. When you catch one, you’ll likely be surprised at the tough textured skin. The Destin triggerfish feels like it is slathered in concrete. Regardless of the outside, Destin grey triggerfish are commonly used in boneless fish filets because of their tasty, firm white flesh.

Come to Destin Grey Triggerfish bring your sunscreen, beverages, and an empty cooler for all the Destin triggerfish you’ll be lugging home!

Our First Mate will do all the cleaning and bagging for you. Learn how to catch Destin grey triggerfish aboard the Charter Boat Pescador III.

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