Enjoy Deep Sea Fishing Seasons in Florida!

You may have been dreaming about a fishing trip off the Emerald Coast of Destin, Florida, for years. Floating out on the water, loving the smell of the salt in the air, and eagerly awaiting the tug of a fish on your line. It’s a dream come true.

If you’re familiar with fishing in other areas, you may be concerned about deep sea fishing seasons in Florida. One of the great things about fishing off Florida’s Gulf Coast is that something’s always in season. When you book your trip with Captain Mike Whitley and the Pescador III, you get not only our boat and our tackle, but our years of experience at finding the right places to fish at the various times of the year.

Now, there are certain times of year when you’re more likely to catch one species of fish than another. Upcoming fishing seasons will include:

Red Fish

A copper colored fish that is migrating at this time of year, and can often be caught year round. Weight is generally around 8lbs.

King Mackerel

A migrating fish that schools in the area, and can often be caught into October. Weight is usually around 20lbs.


There are several species of shark that are in season year round, in and offshore, including hammerhead, mako, and blacktip.


Found around 100 fathoms deep, sailfish are a sports fish with a deep blue color. The weight record for these fish is 116lb! They can often be caught throughout October.


Perhaps one of the most famous game fish, Marlin can be caught off during the summer deep sea fishing season in Florida, often found into October. They are often as much as 8 feet long!


These fish make great offshore game fish. They are found through October, and are part of the mackerel family. They are known as the fastest fish in the sea.


If you think of the canned fish our parents made salad out of when you think of Tuna, you are missing out. There’s nothing more wonderful than a tuna steak fresh from the sea. An offshore schooling fish, we generally see Tuna through October.

Other year round fish include…

Amberines, Bar Jacks, Black Drum, Black Snapper, Grouper, Mango Snapper, Porgies, Red Fish, Red Snapper, Tigger, and White Snapper.

Some of the fish we’re talking about here are game fish, where catch and release is required, and others are great fish for eating. There are some species, like Grouper and Red Snapper, where you are able to catch them for eating during some months of the year, and catch and release is required at other times. While we’ll do everything we can to make sure you enjoy deep sea fishing season in Destin, it’s important to follow these guidelines to protect the number of healthy fish in the ocean. We want the next generation to enjoy fishing just as much as we do!

No matter which Florida deep sea fishing season it is when you choose to visit us, tell us what you’re looking to catch, and if we can make it happen, we will. Whether you’re tempted by inshore or deep sea excursions, half day or all day, what we want is for you to have the experience of your lifetime, complete with great pictures, delicious dinners, and fantastic memories.

Contact us today to ask any questions you have about deep sea fishing seasons in Florida, and plan your next fishing excursion!